Permanent or Temporary Display: Which To Use?

Permanent or Temporary Display: Which To Use?

A display is for showcasing your products to customers in stores. However, there are two different types you could use. Both permanent and temporary displays are great for marketing your products, but which one should you use? Keep reading to learn more about these displays and which suits your business and products.

What Is a Permanent Display?

A permanent display is meant to stay inside stores for years to showcase your products. These displays are typically made from wood, plastic, or metal in conjunction with graphics and designs. These fixtures must be sturdy to withstand years of constant customer interaction and act as an in-store kiosk.

What Is a Temporary Display?

A temporary display is meant to stay inside stores for only a few months. Typically, temporary displays are made from corrugated cardboard and more affordable materials because they’re not meant to last longer than three to six months. You can often find these displays during seasonal changes or for small promotions.

How To Decide Which Display To Use

When deciding whether to use a permanent or temporary display, there are a few questions you must ask yourself first. Answering these questions can help point you in the right direction for displaying your products.

How Long Is Your Marketing Campaign?

If you’re working on a new marketing campaign for your products, ask yourself how long you plan on using this campaign. If it’s not longer than three months, you should consider a temporary display because it will be the more affordable option. This works well for seasonal products—for instance, a temporary gardening display is perfect for showcasing summertime plants and seeds, while a permanent vitamin display is your best bet for showcasing vitamins and supplements year-round.

Are Luxury or Quality Materials Key Aspects of Your Brand?

If you’re a luxury brand with high-quality products, a temporary display may not be your first choice because the materials are more economical than aesthetic. Let’s say you’re selling a new skincare line for anti-aging purposes; if the main catch for your products is that they are luxe, a permanent metal display appears more sophisticated than corrugated cardboard.

How Large Is Your Budget?

A significant factor in your decision-making is likely how large your budget will be for this marketing campaign. Temporary displays are the more affordable option, but if you plan on using this campaign for several months, it’s worth investing in a permanent display because it’s less likely to become damaged. If your campaign is longer, and you use a temporary display that becomes broken or worn by customers, you will need to spend additional money to recreate the display, so it makes sense to invest in a permanent one.

Choosing the correct display for your products can be difficult, but asking yourself the right questions can help lead you to the right answer. Golden West Packaging is a corrugated box manufacturer that can produce permanent or temporary displays—consider working with us to ensure your display is immaculate and shows customers exactly what your products are about!