A Quick Overview of the Different Carton Folding Styles

A Quick Overview of the Different Carton Folding Styles

It might not seem like a big deal, but the type of carton or box your business uses for its products is very important because each one works best for various shipments. However, choosing the proper folding carton can be confusing when you don’t understand the differences. Keep reading this quick overview of the different folding carton styles you could use for your business.

Straight-Tuck Box & Reverse-Tuck Carton

Straight-tuck cartons are what you see most often on the shelves because they work for various industries—like, makeup, perfume, or soap. This box consists of the closing panels attached to the main panel. A slit lock on both closing panels secures the carton shut. These cartons work great for light to medium-weight products, and minimal assembly is needed—you will only need to fold the box along the seams and attach the tuck mechanism to keep the carton together.

These folding cartons also come in a reverse tuck form—one closing panel attaches to the bottom panel of the box, and the other closing panel attaches to the top panel.

One Piece Tuck Top & Two-Piece Carton

When you buy a dozen donuts from a bakery, the box typically looks like a one-piece tuck top. The carton remains assembled, and an opening top attaches to the back double-sided walls with a tuck top and closing flaps on either side. Because of the double-sided walls, the box is durable and can display multiple items in one space. An alternative to these boxes is a two-piece box, which looks exactly like the gift box you wrap presents in during the holidays—the bottom and lid are separate.

Tuck and Tongue Carton

The tuck and tongue box is similar to the straight-tuck carton but has an added component. A small tongue sticks out from one of the main panels. When you tuck the top of the box inside the carton, you can insert the tongue into the slit on the tuck panel to secure the box. This works perfectly when consumers might handle products roughly. For instance, you might sell homemade candies or truffles, and this box can prevent the product from falling out during transportation. The carton shouldn’t open or disengage, thanks to the tongue tuck.

Lock Bottom Carton

Lock bottom cartons are also known as 1-2-3 bottom cartons. These cartons are perfect for your business’s heavy products, such as candles or electronics, because the bottom is strong enough to hold heavy weight. Instead of folding and tucking the bottom panel to lock everything in place, this box’s assembly requires pushing the bottom flap panels into each other so they lock in place. The top is a tuck panel with slits to secure the top half of the carton. Note that you will need to assemble this carton after purchasing the material.

This packaging has plenty of benefits, so use this brief overview of the different folding carton styles for your products. Folding cartons are eco-friendly, affordable, flexible, sturdy, and great for customization and graphics! Not every box has the same capacity or durability to withstand rough handling or heavyweight, so ensure you understand the products you sell to determine which folding carton will work best for your business.