CMYK in Packaging? Here’s What You Need To Know

CMYK in Packaging? Here’s What You Need To Know

Let’s face it: each modern industry has an array of acronyms and technical terms to learn about. In the context of product packaging, you’ll come across several color models for design. CMYK is one such popular color system to be aware of, as many designers and manufacturers use the process for printing custom designs.

Curious about the use of CMYK in packaging? We’ve compiled a general guide on the characteristics and applications of CMYK processes for businesses’ packaging projects. Here’s what you need to know.

CMYK Color System: The Standard for Printed Media

What is CMYK? Even if you’re not fully aware, you’re likely already familiar with this color system technique. Home printers commonly use this color model—with four fundamental pigmented inks—on any printed media. CMYK stands for cyan (blue), magenta (pink), yellow, and key (black). Key is the label for black in this system, as B notes the color blue in other color models.

As the most universally known method for color printing, the four-ink CMYK system is the industry standard for printed mediums, including custom packaging boxes. No other technique is as efficient for creating a wide range of possible colors on traditional white surfaces.

Digital Printing: Using CMYK in Packaging Design

When it comes to CMYK in packaging, you need to know about its benefits for design.CMYK printing is optimal for printing colored designs or images on packages that require multi-colored inks. If a business desires to print or label its product packages with three or more colors, CMYK is typically the best course of action to take.

Many opt for this color system as an environmentally respectful option. The process utilizes less ink while simultaneously delivering an accurate color yield. Mixing the four CMYK colors together in the right ratio achieves the desired color coverage result. You’ll find that digital printing with a CMYK model is an economical solution for customized corrugated packaging materials, labels, displays, or folding cartons.

Custom-Printed CMYK: The Latest Technology and Services

Deciding between CMYK and other color systems is not a concern of quality but rather a question of the desired visual output. CMYK is a cost-effective solution when customization matters most for your specific printing project. Fortunately, you can determine the correct color strategy for your brand’s custom packaging vision with services from experienced designers and manufacturers.

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