Custom Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

Flexible Pouch

The resealable option

Flexible stand-up pouches and bags have many unique advantages. Their resealable closure function allows the consumer to use only a portion of the product while keeping the remainder fresh for extended periods of time. Custom stand pouch designs can also hang on hook making them easy to merchandise in any retail planogram. Rotogravure and digital printing allow for stunning graphics to be applied to this truly flexible option.

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Flexible customer printed and sized pouches have become the standard for lightweight e-commerce shipments. Easy to load and seal, these water proof packages are great for shipping soft or small products using minimal packaging material. Their waterproof nature is a great option for shipping liquids like cosmetics.

Flexible Pouch
Flexible Pouch

Special Materials

Needs something in fabric or with zippers? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Velvet draw strings bags for wine, PVC and mesh cosmetic bags are just a few of these custom pouches we can manufacture for you. A wide range of materials and styles are available for these branded accessory items that make your product purchase a little more special in the eyes of the consumer.

Food grade and reclosable

One of the most common uses for flexible packaging is for food. Designed and made of food grade material, these custom printed flexible pouches are a great option when you need to keep your contents fresh for long periods of time. A resealable zip lock feature is a popular feature for multi-serving quantities that customers appreciate.

Flexible Pouch

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