Environmental Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

Environmental Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

When it comes to the packaging solutions for your products, there are plenty of materials to choose from. Some businesses use plastic, while others use glass, cardboard, or even aluminum. With an encouragement to use sustainable resources, businesses are choosing to focus on using eco-friendly materials, such as corrugated cardboard.

If you don’t use corrugated packaging, consider the environmental benefits you could gain from this sustainable material. From using responsible resources to being toxin-free, you’ll want to take advantage of this packaging material.

It’s Made From Environmentally Responsible Resources

The corrugated boxes you use to package your products are mostly made from recycled materials. Leftover newspapers and boxes can be broken down and reformed to create corrugated packaging. This means your business is using an eco-friendly, renewable resource.

It’s 100 Percent Recyclable and Compostable

Speaking of using recycled materials, corrugated boxes are also 100 percent recyclable and compostable. In other words, it’s easier for your customers to recycle or repurpose the materials. Even your business can recycle and compost this cardboard too. Any items we can keep away from our landfills are a win for our environment!

It’s Energy Efficient

Because custom corrugated boxes are made up of mostly recycled materials, it uses less energy to produce. When there are fewer carbon emissions in the air from making this packaging, your business can reduce its carbon footprint. Not to mention using less energy for manufacturing also saves you additional business expenses.

It’s Toxin-Free

When you produce plastic, petrochemicals are introduced in the process to help create the material. These chemicals are unsustainable and extremely harmful to our environment/ecosystem. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard is made without these chemicals. This essentially makes the material toxin-free and safe for the environment.

With the environmental benefits of corrugated packaging laid out for you, is this a material you would consider using at your business? Take advantage of this eco-friendly material to reduce your carbon footprint. Sustainability is very important for packaging solutions; be more mindful of your sustainability by using eco-friendly packaging, like corrugated cardboard!