How Are Thermoformed Packaging Trays Made?

How Are Thermoformed Packaging Trays Made?

Did you ever consider using thermoformed plastic for your packaging? If you don’t know what this type of packaging is or how it can benefit your business, keep reading. This article provides information on how thermoformed packaging trays are made so you can determine if this material is suitable for your products.

What Is Thermoformed Packaging?

Thermoformed packaging is a sheet of plastic formed and molded in three-dimensional shapes. For example, when you buy a box of Valentine’s chocolates, the individual sweets lay in the pockets of these thermoformed molds. While the food industry uses this packaging often, you can use it for other products, such as consumer goods, medical items, and more.

How Is Thermoformed Packaging Made?

The process for making thermoformed packaging is quite simple. With plastic, heat, and a mold, you can make several types of thermoformed packages.

First, someone feeds a roll of plastic through a machine. Then, the machine heats the plastic to a temperature that allows pliability for molding. After the plastic reaches the correct temperature, the machine or employee presses the plastic sheet onto a mold to form specific shapes. Lastly, someone inspects and trims the plastic so it’s ready for packaging products.

Golden West Packaging’s Thermoformed Plastic

At Golden West Packaging, we emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly materials. With our thermoformed plastic, you will receive plastic trays made from recycled or recyclable materials. When we make this packaging, we use clean room facilities, so clients that need surgical or food-grade rated packaging can benefit from this.

The Benefits of Thermoformed Plastic

Now that you know how thermoformed packaging trays are made, how can they benefit your business? Thermoformed trays are crack resistant, rigid, and durable. With the ability to mold various items, you can create and design several trays. However, the greatest advantage is the low cost and shorter production times. This means your custom food packaging will be affordable. Plus, thermoformed plastic is quick to make, so you can start using it in your packaging right away.

If your products need thermoformed plastic to keep items from moving around or to make your packaging look appealing, consider Golden West Packaging! We offer some of the industry’s best packaging solutions that you can benefit from. Contact us today to start your journey in using thermoformed packaging trays.