Reasons Packaging Is Key to Supply Chain Management

Reasons Packaging Is Key to Supply Chain Management

The supply chain covers a product’s entire journey from raw materials to a finished good that customers can buy. Supply chain management is the process of running every aspect of your supply chain—including sourcing, production, warehousing, and distribution—and ensuring all the moving parts continue to operate smoothly and successfully.

Many essential factors make supply chain management possible, but one crucial process is packaging. Creating safe, convenient, and effective product packaging serves your goods while on store shelves and throughout every step of the supply chain. Discover the reasons why packaging is key to supply chain management.

Better Damage Control

Damage control is a necessary part of a successful supply chain. If you deal with constant product losses during warehousing and distribution, it can result in serious losses for your overall business. Effective packaging solutions protect your products from hazards throughout the supply chain. From unexpected impacts to general wear and tear from transportation, there are a lot of external factors that put your products at risk.

Product protection is one of the most important reasons packaging is a key part of supply chain management. Weak or vulnerable packaging results in product damage that upsets customers and leads to a loss of sales. Moreover, incidents like spills, leaks, or broken pallets can create a hazardous work environment, putting employees at risk throughout your supply chain and creating even more problems for your business.

Smoother Storage and Transportation

Storage and transportation are two major parts of the supply chain. If handling your products during these stages is difficult and time-consuming, you waste time, space, and resources. That’s why it’s important to have packaging that is easy to pack, stack, and maneuver.

Convenient packaging that meets storage requirements can help you save inventory space for optimized warehousing. Meanwhile, that same packaging enables easier handling throughout the distribution process, allowing warehouse operators, drivers, and other employees to safely and efficiently move your products through the supply chain.

Streamlined Shipments

Many businesses must use packaging that adheres to strict guidelines or regulatory standards. If you fail to meet these requirements, you can face major delays in the shipping process. High-quality custom product boxes that meet all your product’s specific needs allow you to bypass these complications and deliver goods to your end users faster. Streamlined shipping—especially in the case of international sales—creates a more efficient and profitable supply chain.