Packaging Design Engineering Services

It all starts with a well-designed structure

When it comes to packaging design engineering, it is important to strike a balance of structural integrity, appearance, and cost. With multiple materials, equipment, and locations available, you can rest assured that every creative possibility will be explored. Our custom packaging design services are not material, equipment, or location centric but rather are 100% focused on presenting the best possible solution that is tailored made for you and your product.

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Come see our technology in action. Golden West has invested in cutting edge technology that offers the best tools for the job of creating the perfect design for you and your brand.

High speed cutting tables convert CAD drawings into samples that can be used to check for fit. Die lines for art development are provided once fit is confirmed.

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With multiple digital print presses available, we can quickly create printed mocks-ups that offer insight into how your branding and copy will look when applied to your package.

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In house ship testing equipment can predict and validate how successful your package will navigate its journey to your customer. UPS/FedEx/DHL protocols all can be tested and documented to ensure your product arrives undamaged to its final destination.