5 Reasons To Update Your Packaging Design

5 Reasons To Update Your Packaging Design

Did your business ever consider redesigning its packaging for products? You might think this is pointless because the product inside is more important, right? This is false; packaging is one of the first things a customer sees, and it’s likely the deciding factor for whether they will purchase the item. With plenty of reasons to update your packaging design, you might want to reconsider your decision after this quick read.

Company Rebranding

As a business grows in its industry, its needs will shift and evolve. You might rebrand your products to reposition yourself in the market, expand into new markets, or enhance your appeal. When you rebrand, many of your current packaging designs must change to fit the new brand’s aesthetic.

Expanding Your Audience

Who is your current target audience? Could your products appeal to other demographics? Redesigning your packaging allows you to expand your audience and reach new customers. For example, if you make skincare products but gear your marketing towards women, you could resign the package to make it more appealing for men.

You’re Using an Outdated Design

Trends within several industries change over time as society gains interest in different things. For instance, a package with 90s motifs and symbols might not do well in today’s market unless your product pertains to this period. Follow the aesthetics and trends for each year to ensure you take advantage of them in your packaging redesigns. Fresh designs will appeal more to customers when it complements today’s trends.

Add New Packaging Technology

New technology emerges every year. If you’re not taking advantage of new packaging technology, you could be missing out on a new marketing tactic. QR codes or NFC chips can add a new dimension and engagement opportunity to your products. Customers can interact more with the product and your business. New technology is a big reason to update your packaging designs.

Switching to Green Practices

Another shift in our society is the necessity to reduce carbon emissions and engage in sustainable practices. If your packaging isn’t eco-friendly, this calls for a redesign. Using sustainable printed rigid boxes or folding cartons will appeal to a larger market of individuals who care for our environment. With an upswing in the popularity of green practices, you would do your business a favor by updating your packaging with eco-friendly materials.

Whether your business is evolving or you’re interested in contributing to sustainability, redesigning and updating your packaging is crucial for business. Nothing stays the same forever. Consider updating your packaging to boost your company’s success.