A Letter to Our Customers

Dear Valued Customers,

At a time in which the news is dominated by coronavirus (COVID-19), Golden West Packaging Group wanted to personally reach out and let you know that we are vigilantly implementing enhanced protocols to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers as well as additional measures to help mitigate any business disruption.

Safety is an absolute, and the #1 priority is to keep our employees and customers safe. As a global organization we are implementing preventative measures recommended by the (USCDC) U.S. Center of Disease Control and WHO (World Health Organization) and other local regulatory bodies (as appropriate for our region). We are communicating in real-time with our employees and customers as this situation evolves.

We have set up a dedicated crisis committee to ensure that safety in this situation remains our top priority. A few of the steps taken are listed below:

  • Avoid meeting people face-to-face. Employees are encouraged to use the telephone, online conferencing, e-mail, or instant messaging to conduct business as much as possible, even when participants are in the same building.
  • If a face-to-face meeting is unavoidable, minimize the meeting time, choose a large meeting room and adhere to the 6 ft rule; avoid person-to-person contact such as shaking hands.
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel and cancel or postpone nonessential meetings, gatherings, workshops, and training sessions.
  • Avoid scheduling in-person appointments with outside vendors, customers, etc. Make every effort to handle this via the phone, online conferencing, etc.
  • Do not congregate in work rooms, pantries, copier rooms, or other areas where people socialize.
  • Allow employees to eat lunch at their desk (office employees), or they can choose to eat in their car, goal is to be away from others (avoid lunchrooms and crowded restaurants).
  • Encourage members and others to request information and orders via phone and e-mail in order to minimize person-to-person contact. Have the orders, materials and information ready for fast pick-up or delivery.

Golden West Packaging Group is currently conducting all manufacturing activities in accordance with the guidance from the relevant authorities. We have asked all top management to follow the CDC recommendations to prevent any further spread of this virus. Should we experience any disruption in our business it should be noted we have one of the most robust Contingency Plans in our industry and are fully capable of acting upon it should it become necessary. I have attached a copy for your review and files.

Your safety is our highest priority and we truly appreciate the trust that you place in our team and our organization.



Brad Jordan